This explains all settings in the IProperty Quick Search settings tab.

Settings Overview

The Intellectual Property Settings dialogs are among the most important for controlling how your website looks and behaves. We will cover the various tabs of the Settings panel in order.

Figure A: IProperty Quick Search Settings
Figure A: IProperty Quick Search Settings

Quick Search Settings

As the name would indicate, Quick Search Settings (Figure A) are the basic parameters for the Intellectual Property quick search filters. They are:

  • Show Keyword Search: Show/hide keyword search
  • Show Category: Show/hide category search
  • Show Sale Type: Show/hide sale type search
  • Show Country: Show/hide country search
  • Show City: Show/hide city search
  • Show County: Show/hide county search
  • Show Region: Show/hide region search
  • Show State: Show/hide state search
  • Show Province: Show/hide province search
  • Show Minimum Beds: Show/hide min beds search
  • Show Minimum Baths: Show/hide min baths search
  • Show Price Range: Show/hide price range search
  • Show Sqft/Sqm Range: Show sqft/sqm range search
  • Show Acreage Range: Show acreage range search
  • Show Lotsize Range: Show lot size range search