Intellectual Property, or "IProperty", is a top-selling Joomla real estate component created by the Thinkery LLC. by and for real estate agents. In cooperation with the best selling agents from one of the top-ranked brokerages in the United States (names withheld to protect the guilty!), we worked to develop the broker's homepage, as well as agent sites that could share the data and "look and feel" of their parent site.

IProperty Resources

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Instructions on IProperty installation and upgrades. It's almost too easy.

The Control Panel

Learn your way around the IProperty control panel and what it all means.

Getting Started

The building blocks of IProperty - what they are and how to use them.


Learn what all of the IProperty settings are and how to use them.

Backup and Restore

Instructions on how to use the back up and restore feature in IProperty.

Modules and Plugins

IProperty ships with 40+ modules and plugins. Learn about them here.

Cron Jobs

IProperty supports cron tasks to notify users who want regular updates.

CSV/XML Importer

Learn how to use the native csv/xml importer utility in IProperty.

CSS and Overrides

IProperty supports overridable layouts and css. Learn how to use them here.

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