This explains all settings in the IProperty Categories settings tab.

Settings Overview

The Intellectual Property Settings dialogs are among the most important for controlling how your website looks and behaves. We will cover the various tabs of the Settings panel in order.

Figure A: IProperty Category Settings
Figure A: IProperty Category Settings

Category Settings

The category settings are global defaults for the way category images are saved and how the category layouts display on the front end. The options are as follows:

  • Category Photo Width: Width in pixels of the category icon
  • Category Layout: One or two column display for category listings
  • Show Subcategories: Show subcategories on IProperty home categories view layout
  • Show Subcategories Recursive: Show subcategories recursively on category layouts
  • Show # Category Entries: Show number of items in each category
  • Multi-Category Map Marker: Set this map marker to display in map views for all listings assigned to multiple categories