The documentation in this section will give you the basic steps to get your IProperty site configured and get you started adding some data for the main building blocks of your new site. From basic configuration, to an overview of all of the major components needed to get started.

Basic Configuration

Once you've successfully installed Intellectual Property, you will need to perform a few quick steps to configure the component.


IProperty supports unlimited, nested categories and subcategories. Each category object has several attributes. Learn here.


Some sites may only need a single company, others may need several. IProperty can handle either case - learn how to manage companies here.


Agents are the people responsible for selling the listings you want to display on your website. Maybe you only need one, maybe more.


Properties represent the listings you want to display on your website. These are the most important item on the site. Learn how they work.


Amenities are features of the properties you list on your website. Amenities include features such as swimming pool, garage, washing machine, etc.

Open Houses

Open houses in IProperty allow users to create time sensitive listings for upcoming open houses. Active Open Houses will show in views and modules.

Menu Items

Creating a menu structure that is easy for your site users to navigate is of utmost importance. IProperty provides several different views to help.

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