This section explains what IProperty Amenities are and how to use them.

Amenities Overview

IProperty Amenities
Figure A: IProperty Amenities

Amenities are features of the properties you list on your website. Amenities can include features such as swimming pool, garage, washing machine, etc. If you choose you can also add things such as view, bus route proximity and other items to the amenities list. You may have as many amenities as you need and may assign as many as you like to a listing.

In IProperty 3.0+, we’ve added Amenity categories, so you can specify if an amenity is Interior (eg. washing machine), Exterior (eg. Pool) or General.

Add an Amenity

To add an amenity, click the New button in the upper left of the Amenities panel (Figure A). You will open the Add Amenity dialogue (Figure B).

IProperty Add Amenity
Figure B: IProperty Add Amenities

Amenities are extremely simple, being only a single line of text and a select list of the Amenity category. You may add multiple amenities at once by clicking the green arrow to the right in the Add Amenity dialogue. When you have added as many amenities as you need, click the Save button at the top right to save and close the Add Amenity dialogue.

Edit Amenity

To edit an amenity, simply click on the amenity name from the amenities list view. To delete an amenity, select the checkbox to the left of its name in the Amenities panel, and click the ‘delete’ toolbar button.

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