This explains the Work Force Installation...

To install Work Force, go to the Extensions Manager menu item in the Joomla Administrator, and select ‘Upload Package File’ to upload the archive from another location on your computer (Figure A). If you haven’t purchased a Work Force subscription and downloaded the package archive file yet, you can select the ‘Install from Web’ tab and search for Work Force to purchase and install from the Thinkery Extensions website (Figure B).

Upload Package File

Work Force Install
Figure A: Uploading installation package from your computer

Click on Choose File, and navigate to the location of the Work Force zip archive on your local machine (ie The file should upload and install automatically. The package zip file contains the Work Force component as well as modules and plugins which can be activated via the admin module and plugin managers.

Install from Web

Work Force Install from Web
Figure B: Finding a link to purchase and download from the JED

If you choose to install from web, you can search for Work Force and find the link to purchase a subscription and download from the Thinkery Extensions site, as well as links to the Joomla! Extensions Directory listing and the Thinkery’s extensions site where you will find more information and support forums.

Installation Success

Work Force Install Success
Figure C: Work Force Install Success

Modules and plugins are automatically installed with your Work Force installation file, and after installation you will see tabs for ‘Plugins’ and ‘Modules’ showing the status of the installation (Figure C). Remember, modules and plugins are not published and enabled on installation! You will need to configure and enable them after installation is complete.


If you encounter errors during the install process, please check that all necessary directories are writeable by Joomla – you can see most settings by going to Site/System Information/Directory Permissions in the Joomla Administration panel. If you see any notices in RED near the name of a directory, it may be a problem. Check with your web host on how to make these directories writeable.